Woman Caught on Tape ‘Hiring Hitman to Kill Husband’ [VIDEO]

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A 21-year-old Michigan woman has been arrested after she was caught on camera allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband.

When Julia Merfeld got into a car thinking she was ironing out the details with the man who would murder her 27-year-old husband, she was unaware that she was in fact talking to an undercover cop with a camera hidden in the dashboard. Little did Merfeld know that her co-worker had alerted authorities of her devious plan after she had asked him to help her find someone to “take out” her husband for $50,000.

The most disturbing part of the recording is Merfeld’s eerie nonchalant attitude as she discusses the gruesome details of the murder — asking the man to “do it outside” since it would “get messy” if her hubbie was killed inside. While discussing the details of her husband’s planned murder, Merfeld seems relaxed, smiling and giggling as if she were ironing out brunch plans.

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“When I first decided to do this, it’s not that we weren’t getting along. I mean, I was just, it was easier than, as terrible as it sounds, it was easier than divorcing him. You know, I didn’t have to worry about the judgment of my family, I didn’t have to worry about breaking his heart, all that stuff like this. It’s, like, how I got a clean getaway,” she says.

Muskegon County Sheriff Dean Roesler said Merfeld’s apparent motive is one of the oldest in the book: money. Her husband has a $400,000 life insurance policy she wanted to cash out.

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