‘They Would Ask Me for Sex’ — Watch Ariel Castro’s Revolting Speech in Court

Ariel Castro gave a chilling and delusional speech today mere moments before being sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years for over 900 counts of kidnapping, rape and other crimes.

In his statement Castro said that he was sick “like an alcoholic,” and that his “porn addiction” had made him impulsive. The scariest part of the hearing came when Castro talked about the “harmony” that existed in the house. He truly believes he did very little wrong and even said:

Most of the sex that went on in that house was consensual. There was times that they would even ask me for sex. These girls were not virgins from their testimony to me. They had multiple partners before me — all three of them.

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The 53-year-old Ohio man kidnapped three girls and women ranging in age from 14 to 21, chained them up, and continually raped and tortured them for over a decade. The first girl kidnapped, Michelle Knight, was reportedly impregnated by Castro five times and forced to miscarry each time by being beaten and starved.

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