WATCH: Australian Politician’s Catastrophic Interview, ‘I Don’t Oppose Islam as a Country’

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Stephanie Banister may have outdone Sarah Palin in a catastrophic interview with Australian news that has gone viral globally.

The candidate running for Australia’s parliamentary election was forced to step out of the race after referring to Islam as a “country” in a hateful and equally ignorant interview.

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“I don’t oppose Islam as a country, but I do feel that their laws should not be welcome here in Australia,” Banister said. “Less than 2 percent of Australians follow haram.”

It is unclear whether she meant the Muslim holy book, the Quran, because Haram refers to things that are forbidden under Islamic law. The mother also got her religions religions confused, saying, “Jews aren’t under haram, they have their own religion, which follows Jesus Christ.” Well, no, actually Jews don’t follow Jesus Christ, Christians follow Jesus Christ.

Banister had only been in politics for 48 hours at the time of the interview. Watch the viral video above.

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