Researchers Invent a Hangover-Free Beer That Keeps You Hydrated

hangover free beer

You sir, are dehydrated from drinking normal beer.

Researchers at the Griffith University’s Health Institute have found a way to manipulate the electrolyte levels in beer to make it more dehydrating.

According to The Australian, the scientists took two commercial beers, one regular and one light, and increased the electrolytes. The experiment found that after the procedure, “the altered light beer was a third more effective at hydrating a person than normal beer.”

Associate Professor Ben Desbrow was concerned with the amount of workers, “especially tradesman,” and end work with a beer and end up very dehydrated. He said, “So, if you’re going to live in the real world, you can either spend your time telling people what they shouldn’t do, or you can work on ways of reducing the danger of some of these socialised activities.”

hydrating beer


A more hydrating beer with good news for people who hate hangovers (i.e. everyone) because hangovers are caused by dehydration caused by alcohol’s ability to make the body produce more urine.

Desbrow’s last publication was in 2012 and wad titled, “Alcohol Pharmacokinetics and Risk-Taking Behaviour Following Exercise Induced Dehydration.”

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