Bill Henningsgaard: Plane Crash Into House Kills Ex-Microsoft Exec

Ex-Microsoft Executive Killed in Plane Crash

Bill Henningsgaard (Microsoft)

Bill Henningsgaard, a former Microsoft executive, was killed on Friday when the plane he was flying crashed into two Connecticut houses after it missed its approach. His son and two children in one of the homes also died. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Bill Henningsgaard Was an Ex-Microsoft Executive

The Seattle-based pilot Bill Henningsgaard worked at Microsoft for 14 years before pursuing a career in philantrophy. He is the son of Edith Henningsgaard-Miller, former mayor of Astoria, Washington.

2 He Was Killed When his Plane Crashed into a Two Houses on Friday

Bill Henningsgaard


Henningsgaard was killed when the the small plane he was flying crashed early Friday morning into two houses in East Haven, Connecticut, reports the Gospel Herald. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, he was flying with his son out of Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and tried to land at Tweed-New Haven Airport. The plane missed its approach as it came in to land.

“All we know is that it missed the approach and continued on,” Tweed airport manager Lori Hoffman-Soares said. “There were no distress calls as far as we know.”

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3. His Son Also Died

The philantropist’s 17-year-old son, Max, also died in the crash. The teen was getting ready to be a senior at independent Seattle school Lakeside.

4. They Were On Their Way to Tour Colleges on the East Coast

The pair left the West Coast on Monday to tour colleges on the East Coast. Yale and New Haven were on their itinerary.

5. Two Children in the House Also Died

Bill Henningsgaard


Two children, ages 1 and 13, inside one of the homes the plane crashed into were also reported dead. The children’s mother was on the scene and was being consoled by authorities as well as her priest.

“We are doing everything we possibly can for the mom who is here with her priest and family,” Mayor Joseph Maturo said.

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