Shooter With Rifle Shot By Police After Attempt To Explode Device


Denver Bomb Squad approach explosive device after shooter tried to ignite multiple devices as police approached. (Twitter)

Moments ago, Denver police resolved an active shooter situation in Southwest Denver. Police have called the scene very dangerous and are asking people to stay away. Here’s what we know so far…


1. Shooter Challenged Police To Shootout Over Phone

According to News 9, a man called police and told them he wanted to get in a gunfight with them. According to a Denver Police tweet, officers fired on the suspect when he attempted to explode an incendiary device as police approached. The shooter was able to explode one of the devices, but it did not cause any injuries. The devices, according to police, are propane tanks with gun powder on them.

The ordeal began when an 18-year-old called police about a man in the middle of the street with guns and a propane tank, according to

“She just called me and said, ‘There is a guy in the street with two guns and a propane tank in the middle of the street,'” said Melissa Allen, the mother of the 18-year-old. “I just told her to hang up and call 911 and go to the back room and lay on the floor.”

KDVR reported that before police responded, the gunman may have shot someone.

Denver Police have said that there are multiple victims at the scene. Police Chief White has confirmed two female victims, one of which was killed during today’s incident. One may have been located inside the shooter’s home. The surviving woman, who was shot in the leg, has been taken to hospital.

The investigation is on-going.

2. Shooter Had Multiple Incendiary Devices On Scene

After the conclusion of the shootout, police brought in the bomb squad to help collect and remove evidence. The team found explosive devices, consisting of gas canisters with gun powder and a possible grenade.

3. Incident Occured On The 2200 Block Of South Irving Street.

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4. The Shooter Was Shot By Police, Tweeted Situation “Resolved”

Denver Police tweeted about the situation at 11:05 a.m. local time, according to 7News.

The shootout was announced as “resolved” 11:15 after the shooter was reported “down” through a Denver Police tweet.

The shooter has since been taken to hospital in an ambulance. His condition is currently listed as critical. 7News reported seeing two ambulance approach the scene, while a report of three ambulances responding to the scene was heard on police scanners. No police officers were injured in the incident.

5. Police Fervently Asked Citizens To Stay Away From Area

Police asked citizens to stay away from the scene of the shooting, describing it as very dangerous in multiple all-caps tweets.

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