West Texas Fertilizer Explosion: No Link to Bryce Reed Says DA

Bryce Reed West Texas Fertilizer Explosion Abel Reyna


The district attorney investigating the weapons charge leveled against former firefighter Bryce Reed, says he’s found no link between Reed and the fatal West, Texas fertilizer explosion, reports The Waco Tribune. On April 17, an ammonium nitrate explosion at a fertilizer plant took the lives of 15 people, mostly emergency responders, devastating the town of West, the small town just south of Dallas.

Less than a month after the explosion, Bryce Reed, who had becoming the most prominent member of a grieving community, was arrested by police, charged with possessing pipe-bomb materials.

McLennan County Criminal District Attorney Reyna, told reporters:

Based on the information I have reviewed thus far, I have not seen any credible evidence linking Bryce Reed’s alleged possession of a prohibited weapon to the fire and subsequent explosion at the West Fertilizer Plant.

Bryce Reed West Texas Fertilizer Explosion Abel Reyna

Reyna added that he still reviewing all of the evidence in the case. The Tribune goes on to report:

Reed’s attorney, Jonathan Sibley, said he and Reed remain frustrated that neither state nor federal authorities will clear Reed from speculation that he had anything to do with starting the fire at West Fertilizer Co. that ultimately caused ammonium nitrate to explode.

In response to DA Reyna’s statements, the judge in Reed’s case has pushed back the former firefighter’s deadline for plea agreement to September, reports The Dallas News. Originally Reed was given until this week to decide if he would take a plea agreement or go to trial.

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