‘Canada Day Terror Plotter’ Placed in Mental Institution

john stewart nuttall canada day terror

John Stewart Nuttall, one of the two people allegedly involved in the foiled Canada Day bomb plot in Victoria, British Columbia, has been placed in a B.C. mental institution, his lawyers say.

Tom Morino, Nuttal’s lawyer, told The Province newspaper that his client has been placed in a forensic hospital near Vancouver. Nuttal was certified under B.C.’s Mental Health Act. Morino could not provide additional comments as he has not familiarized with the details.

When asked whether Nuttal has a history of mental illness, Morino refused to comment. Nuttal does have a history of drug use and, before his arrest, was taking methadone to treat his addiction.

John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody have been charged with terrorism offenses, including possessing an explosive device and conspiracy to commit an indictable offense.

After the incident, BC Premier Christy Clark revealed in a press conference that the pair had an “al-Qaeda ideology,” and that they planned to bomb Canada Day celebrations in a manner similar to the Boston Marathon Bombings, according to CBC.

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