Christopher Craig 2013 Incident: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Christopher Craig Islamist Jihadist

(Graham County Sheriff’s Office)

Former Utah college basketball coach Christopher Craig, a self-proclaimed “Islamist jihadist,” was arrested on August 9, 2013, after making public threats against Latter Day Saints (LDS), and local Catholic churches.

Craig found himself back in the news on September 19, 2016, when he drove his car onto the Eagle Elementary School property in Utah and threatened to harm students. Read more about the 2016 incident here.

You can read the original story from 2013 below:

1. Christopher Craig is a Former Utah College Basketball Coach

Midland College

Christopher Craig was the head coach at Utah State University Eastern in Price from 2007 to 2010, reports La Cruces Sun-Times. He left that job to become an assistant at Northern Colorado University in Greeley and was there for one year before becoming head coach at Midland College in Texas. The 32-year-old resigned from the position in March after “end-of-the-world postings” on his Twitter and personal blog came to the attention of officials.

Craig played at University of Texas in El Paso from 2002-’04 and Omar Duran, a former teammate of Craig’s, said he stayed with him in El Paso for more than two months after he left his coaching position at the school and said Craig just wanted to “read his Bible all the time and lost interest in basketball.”

2. He Walked Into an Eastern Arizona College Classroom

Christopher Craig

Craig allegedly entered a classroom on the campus of Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher on July 10 he waved a bible asking the professor if he was Mormon and making derogatory statements. He then left the classroom and proceeded to another building on campus.

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3. He Was Arrested With a Towel on His Head After Driving Around Town, Police Say

Craig drove around town in his 2003 white Honda Civic with a towel on his head, sunglasses and filming himself while quoting a verse from Revelations before being arrested at a Thatcher Walmart, during the July incident. Police arrested Craig on an outstanding warrant for misdemeanor drug possession. Capt. Bill Barnes says the man is facing additional misdemeanor charges after officers found marijuana and a pipe in his car.

4. He is Describing Himself as an ‘Islamist Jihadist’

Police said when he was arrested Craig told them he was a “Islamist jihadist” and that everyone would know his name in a few weeks.

5. Police Put Out an Alert to Area Churches

Police said there is no immediate danger, but alerted area churches that the man said he had been going around saying Mormons and Catholics “would be destroyed’ in the coming weeks.”


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Zachary Jesus Gutierrez

In my honest opinion, this man is dealing with a mental issue in response to his religious view. Not that he had a mental issue after obtaining his religious views, but that he had them for a while. He could be possibly schizophrenic. For males it tends to occur around early adult hood, and increase over time. The substance abuse, a chaotic episodes, and now this. This man is deeply ill with a mental disease in my opinion. All built up to this, and circling around a great amount of religious frustration. First the bible, and then the Koran. It would explain why he hates the Catholic and Mormon Church, and calls himself a “Islamic Jihadist”. Either A he believes that the christian belief is to blame for his suffering and he’s lashing out. Or B, he honestly believes that the world is close to ending and wants answers to find out if he’s gone mad (a.k.a showing up to the college campus previously and waving the bible around asking questions about it. Hoping to find answers from those that are supposed to be the one that are the most intelligent of us all, the college professors.).

Zachary Jesus Gutierrez

I think I know how to solve this problem without anyone getting hurt.

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