Denmark Warns Citizens of Testicle-Biting Fish in Coastal Waters

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Beware if you’re planning on skinny dipping in Denmark this week — the Danish government has warned citizens that a testicle-biting breed of fish has been found in the coastal waters between Denmark and Sweden. The red-bellied pacu, a cousin of the piranha and native to the Amazon, is the creature sparking the alert.

According to Fox News, Einar Lindgreen, a local fisherman, caught the exotic fish on August 4 in the strait between Sweden and Denmark, known as the Oresund. The fish is startling due to its set of very human-like teeth.

In fact, the fish has been nicknamed “the Ball Cutter” in the television series River Monsters. The fish actually killed two fishermen in New Guinea after biting off their testicles.

The fish is far outside its native range of South America, which means that it likely got loose from an aquarium or fish farm, says CBS News.

Its teeth are mainly used to crush nuts and fruits, but the fish is also known for eating other fish, according to CNN.

The specimen found in Denmark measured at just shy of 8 inches long. The pacu has the potential to grow much larger, weighing as much as 55 pounds, according to the University of Copenhagen. They added a bit of cautionary advice:

“Anyone choosing to bathe in the Oresund these days had best keep their swimsuits well tied.”

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