Edward Snowden: 1 Year Asylum in Russia, Leaves Moscow Airport [DOC]

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Edward Snowden’s request for temporary political asylum has been granted and he has left Moscow airport under the care of Sarah Harrison of WikiLeaks. Although, this contradicts a statement made by Snowden’s lawyer that he left in a regular taxi unaccompanied.

It is unclear what will happen to Snowden after his year in Russia is up, or if he plans to make mother Russia his ultimate destination. At a meeting on July 12, Snowden said he had received offers from Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador but his lawyer is now reporting that he has no intention of going to Latin America.

Snowden’s Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, told CNN that his client has legal status in Russia for a year and his exact location will not be released for safety reasons.

Kucherena is now saying that he will soon finalize paperwork that will allow Edward Snowden’s father to visit his son in Moscow.

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WikiLeaks extended thanks to Russia over Twitter for offering refuge to Snowden.

In other news, the Guardian published the next round of NSA leaks provided by Snowden and revealed Xkeyscore, the most invasive government program to date.

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