WATCH: Boy’s Bar Mitzvah Dance Video Goes Viral

A 13-year-old Dallas boy’s spectacular entrance to his own bar mitzvah, which is being described as “the craziest entrance to a religious celebration and ceremony we’ve ever seen,” has gone viral.

Sam Horowitz dazzled his guests with a choreographed dance complete with backup dancers, bright lights and a stage with his name in giant letters. The over-the-top performance was held at Omni Hotel in Dallas and the footage was posted on November 26, 2012. The video has gone viral ever since being posted on Jewish parenting website Raising Kvell.

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The video has garnered mixed reactions with some praising the performance and others calling it tasteless. Others even go as far as attack the boy’s sexuality.

“I think the kid is adorable, but I seriously question what type of 12 year old really needs a Grammy performance’s equivalent of stage decorations, special effects, and professional back up dancers, to celebrate anything,” writes top Youtube commenter, nadiainthesky. “This is a pretty tasteless, ostentatious display of wealth that’s teaching Sam (and the young other kids attending) a pretty poor lesson. “

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