Hostage Stand-Off in Louisiana Bank: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A bank robbery has descended into a hostage situation in St. Joseph, Louisiana at a Tensas State Bank (above), reports KNOE. The suspect has been described as a local man who is an employee of a convenience store.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Three Hostages Are in the Bank

The Associated Press is reporting that a man armed with a pistol has taken three people hostage in St. Joseph, just south of Monroe, Louisiana. The hostages are two woman and one man. A person in the area tweeted us the names of the people she says are the hostages. We have not verified this information:

The three hostages are said to be handcuffed. The blinds have been drawn, the bank’s windows are reported to be bulletproof.

Jane Metterville, Tensas Parish Homeland Security Spokesperson, told CNN in a live interview that the gunman is believed to be an employee of a local convenience store. Hostages are employees of the bank, two women and one man. There are no confirmed bomb threats, she said.

2. The Gunman Has Given a 10 Hour Deadline to Authorities

The News Star reports that he has given authorities 10 hours to adhere to his demands. His requests have not been made public at this time.

Louisiana Bank Hostage Robber Robbery St. Joseph Tensas State Bank.

The scene outside Tensas State Bank. Image via KDVE.

A negotiator is on scene and has begun a dialogue with the man inside. The negotiator is from the state police but the FBI are reported to have arrived to assist with the situation. After earlier erroneous reports no shots have been fired.

3. The FAA Have Established a ‘No-Fly Zone’ Over the Bank

Louisiana Bank Hostage Robber Robbery St. Joseph Tensas State Bank.

The FAA ‘No-Fly Zone’ over the bank stretches over a 3 mile radius.

The town of St. Joseph has been blocked off from incoming traffic by local police. My Arklamiss is reporting that only state police, FBI and local authorities are allowed to move around the area.

4. The Situation Has Created Hysteria on Twitter

One user has been claiming that the hostage situation is much more serious:

However these claims were refuted:

5. This is the Second Bank Robbery in Louisiana Today

At around 10 a.m. local time this morning, another state bank, Brasile State Bank in Eunice, LA was also robbed. The bank, which is on the corder of West Maple Ave and College Drive in Eunice, is around 160 miles or around 3 hours away from the Tensas State Bank where robbers are reportedly holding hostages.

The suspect in the Eunice robbing was described as a, “Hispanic male wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a hood, dark pants, a baseball cap, and a blue bandanna over his face.

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