James DiMaggio, Amber Alert Suspect May Have Explosives With Him

James DiMaggio explosive

The California Amber Alert that has gripped the entire Western United States has taken a terrible turn as NBC 7 San Diego reports that murder and kidnapping suspect James Lee DiMaggio may be armed with homemade explosives.

Captain Duncan Fraser of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department says that evidence recovered from DiMaggio’s burned down home suggests he may have taken homemade explosives with him.

DiMaggio’s home in Boulevard, California, was found burned to the ground Sunday night with the body of Christina Anderson, 44 and an unknown child, believed to be her son Ethan Anderson, 8 inside of it. Christina’s 16-year-old daughter Hannah Anderson is still missing and believed to have been abducted by DiMaggio.

New evidence emerging from the investigation also suggests that Christina Anderson was killed by blunt force trauma to the head from what was believed to be a crow bar.

The Amber Alert out for Hannah Anderson is now in four states, California, Oregon, Washington, and most recently, Nevada. The most recent unconfirmed sightings of the pair and DiMaggio’s blue Nissian Versa are coming from Washington.

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