James DiMaggio Arrest Warrants: Shocking Details & Full Text Here [DOCS]

james dimaggio warrants hannah anderson

The San Diego Superior Court has unsealed all of the arrest and search warrants relating to last week’s California Amber Alert. The documents shine new light on James DiMaggio’s suspected murder of Christina and Ethan Anderson, as well as his alleged abducting of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson.

Here are the most important new details revealed in the warrants, as well as the complete documents:

Warrant No. 1: Hannah and DiMaggio Exchanged 13 Phone Calls the Day of the Murders

The first warrant give a detailed account of what occurred the day Christina and Ethan were murdered, James DiMaggio’s house was burned down, and Hannah Anderson was reported missing.

According to the affidavit, Hannah Anderson was picked up from cheerleading practice at around 4:00 p.m. Authorities are still unclear as to who picked her up, but at around the same time both Hannah and DiMaggio’s phones were switched off. Before they had before, the affidavit reports that Hannah and DiMaggio called each other 13 times during the day leading up to her disappearance and the murder of her family.

Later that evening, police responded to a fire in DiMaggio’s log cabin. The house was completely engulfed in flame, but authorities thought that the partially aflame garage could still be saved. When they entered the garage the legs of Christina Anderson, face down on the ground, peeked out from below a large tarp. There was blood on the ground and a crowbar was found next to her body. Also in the garage was the body of a dog beneath a sleeping bag. There was blood on its head and it appeared to have been shot.

Warrant No. 2: Police Thought Hannah Might Email for Help

The second warrant begins the request for access to James DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson’s email accounts. Authorities apparently believed that Hannah Anderson may try to reach out for help via email.

Warrant No. 3: Police Order Taps and Traces on Hannah and DiMaggio’s Phones

The third warrant orders the tap of Hannah Anderson and James DiMaggio’s cell phones.

Warrant No. 4: Ethan and Christina Anderson were ‘Tortured’

The fourth warrant suggests something very disturbing for the first time. While providing probable cause, authorities reveal that DiMaggio “tortured and killed” Christina and Ethan Anderson. No other information has been revealed as to how police determined that the two were tortured.

This document also introduces the idea that Lora Robinson, James DiMaggio’s sister, may somehow be involved.

Warrants Nos. 5 and 6: Police Gain Access to Phones and Email Accounts

Documents five and six continue with the process of gaining access to phones and emails.

Warrant No. 7: Police Request Access to Anderson’s, DiMaggio’s and Sister’s Facebook Profiles

The final warrant requests all of the Facebook information of Hannah Anderson, James Lee DiMaggio, and DiMaggio’s sister Lora Robinson. The warrant gave authorities access to, among other things, wall information, photos, links, profile info, friend info, the entire content of private message box including sent and deleted messages.