Amber Alert ‘Abductor’ Has Crush on Missing Girl

hannah anderson and james dimaggio

Hannah Anderson and James DiMaggio. (Facebook)

Local new station ABC 10 has just uncovered that the suspected abductor in the California Amber Alert may have had a crush on the missing 16-year-old.

The police are on the look out for Ethan Anderson, 8 and Hannah Anderson, 16 who are believed to have been abducted by James Lee DiMaggio, 40. DiMaggio was a close friend of the abducted children’s mother, Christina Anderson and, according to a family friend, the kids in the family called him “Uncle Jim.” On Sunday night police were called to a fire that had consumed DiMaggio’s house. In the burnt out wreckage they found the body of Christina Anderson, as well as the body of another unidentified child. DiMaggio is now a suspect in the arson/murder as well as the kidnapping.

ABC 10 is reporting that a friend of the family revealed today that, “DiMaggio told Hannah he had a crush on her.”

The 16-year-old Hannah Anderson was very active on social media and it seems that she and DiMaggio followed each other on a number of platforms.

DiMaggio went by the handle “Bajabuddie” on Instagram. Hannah followed his account:

hannah anderson and james DiMaggio

The two were also friends on Facebook:

hannnah anderson amber alert

The police are on the look out for a blue Nissan Versa and say it could either be heading to Texas or Canada.

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