Another British Female Journalist Just Received a Bomb Threat on Twitter

One day after #Twittersilence, a day of silence where activists on Twitter showed solidarity with victims of sexist abuse and threats, another prominent British journalist has received a bomb threat.

Laurie Penny aka “Penny Red” is a contributing editor at The New Statesman, the author of many books, and an outspoken activist in the vein of LGBT rights, feminism, and economic in-equality. You can watch her speak about austerity in a recent interview below:

Today she was added to the list of at least four female writers who were threatened with death by explosive this week. Time magazine’s Europe editor Catherine Mayer, Guardian columnist Hadley Freemam and Grace Dent from the Independent, all received similar bomb scare tweets on July 31.

The new insurgency of abusive of women on Twitter has been rampant over the last week and prompted an apology from Twitter UK and has lead to the upcoming introduction of a new “report abuse” button for both the app and website.

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