Fueling Conspiracy Theory: New Video of Michael Hastings’ Car Accident

Early this morning hacktivist group Anonymous tweeted a link to some grainy security camera footage. The video, which you can watch above, reportedly shows the final moments of the award winning journalist Michael Hastings.

michael hastings crash

An impromptu memorial on the tree that Hastings crashed into in Los Angeles. (Getty)Hastings died when his car, going excessive speeds, crashed in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Since his death in June, a number of people have questioned the official story. The accident became especially easy to question after it was revealed that Hastings had contacted Wikileaks for legal representation because the FBI was questioning his friends and family.

There are some who believe his car was “hacked” so that he could not operate the brakes, and other believe the car was blown up before the crash. Watch the video above, what do you think?

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