Neighbor: Michael Hastings Thought His Car Had Been Sabotaged

Michael Hastings crash site

Taken from the makeshift memorial at the site where Michael Hastings Crashed. (Photo: Andrew Rivard)

Just days after Michael Hasting’s autopsy revealed that the award-winning war corresponded had THC and Methamphetamine in his blood at the time of death, his friend and neighbor Jordanna Thigpen revealed new information to LA Weekly.

Thigpen and Hastings reportedly became fast friends. They both lost the people they were engaged to marry, and they both struggled with depression. Thigpen told LA Weekly however, that Hastings seemed to be getting more eratic and paranoid than usual in the weeks before his death.

One night, Hastings knocked on Thigpen’s door and told her he had to leave town. He asked her to borrow her car because he feared his had been tampered with. That night, he had also reached out to Wikileaks to say that he was going to need legal help because the FBI was asking friends and family about his work.

That night, at around 4:30 a.m., Hasting’s Mercedes crashed into a palm tree and was immediately consumed in flame. Hasting’s body was so badly burned it was not identified officially for weeks.

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