Paul White of Minnesota REVEALED as Powerball Winner!

powerball winner Paul white

Paul White, 45, of Ham Lake, Minnnesota, has been revealed as one of the Powerball winners to split the $448 million jackpot from the last night’s drawing. Two other owners of winning tickets in New Jersey have yet to be revealed. White announced the joyous news alongside his girlfriend, Kim Vanreese, also 45.

The winning numbers were 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and a Powerball of 32.

Here’s what you need to know about him…

1. He Says His Working Days Are Done

powerball winner Paul white

White is employed as a project engineer at Elliot Contracting, located in Minneapolis.

At press conference announcing his victory he told reporters that he will buck the trend of winners who insist they will continue to work saying:

I’m not gonna be one of those people who keeps working.

His girlfriend however insinuated she may remain in her job as an account manager for Northstar, an information protection company. According to White she has worked there for over 25 years.


Now I get the opportunity to do whatever I want. I’m not going to work for anyone else anymore.

And living the dream he spoke about his now former boss:

My boss will now be my chauffeur.

powerball winner Paul white Kim Vanreese

2. He Says He Ran Around His Office Screaming When He Heard the News

paul white powerball winner

His girlfriend, Kim, called him at work and asked, “Are you a millionaire yet?” He said he was so busy he hadn’t checked. She told him the Powerball was 32, and he noticed two of his tickets had the Powerball 32. Then he looked closer …

According to White he proceeded to run around his office screaming and getting co-workers to check his tickets to verify he had won.

3. He Bought 5 Tickets at the Last Minute


He bought five tickets on the night of the drawing after realizing at the last moment that it was Powerball day. He bought the winning ticket at the Ham Lake Holiday gas station.

4. He’ll Take Home Nearly $150 Million

Powerball Winner Paul White Kim Vanreese

His share of the jackpot is $149.4 million before taxes. White will have to wait two weeks to collect his money. If White decides to go for the one-off payment, he will receive just over $58 million.

powerball winner Paul white

5. White’s Winnings Are More Than 6,000 Times That of the Average Person in Ham Lake

The average income per year in the town of Ham Lake (above) is $24,000. The town is 94.4% white caucasian.

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