Pittsburgh Cops Search For Gunman Roaming Rooftops

The area around the West Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh has been shut down after a woman told police that her boyfriend, armed with a machine gun, had taken to the roof, reports The Pittsburgh Tribune.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. It All Started When Cops Were Called to a Domestic Dispute

Cops were responding to a call of a domestic dispute at around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. When they arrived the woman who had called them said her boyfriend was now heavily armed and on the roof. It’s being reported that the dispute started late on Monday night and spilled over into the morning.

2. Residents Are Being Told to Stay in Place

The area has been placed on lockdown, according to WPXI:

Police shut down a stretch of nearby Forbes Avenue and the intersection of Fifth Avenue at the Birmingham Bridge.

3. SWAT Team Are on the Scene

A massive police response including SWAT teams are searching for the man. One resident of the neighborhood told a reporter:

I counted 23 people in camo go in with a battering ram.

A state police helicopter could be seen hovering above. Pittsburgh police assistant chief of operations Maurita Bryant has said that an arrest warrant has been prepared for the man but they are still searching for him.

4. The Woman Has Been Removed From the Scene

The woman who made the call to police was unharmed and was taken from the scene. She told the police that the man threatened her with a machine gun.

5. There Were ‘Witnesses’ to the Domestic

According to The Pittsburgh Gazzette:

Police said they found several other witnesses.