AIDS Activist, Sean Sasser Dead at 44: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sean Sasser, a renowned AIDS activist has died aged 44, reports Buzzfeed.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. MTV Audiences of the 1990s Will Fondly Remember Sasser From The Real World

Jimmy on MTV: The Real World – July 1994It's the 3rd season, the best. Pedro and Sean are on a date at Pozole (now Blue) on Market Street. Watch Jimmy walk by the window at minute 1:40.2008-05-17T05:08:22.000Z

Sasser entered the public sphere with his appearance on the MTV nineties staple The Real World: San Francisco. Sasser was the boyfriend of one of the featured cast members, Pedro Zamora. The couple were eventually married on the show. Zamora died soon after the season finished of a HIV related illness. Sasser had stated that the stress of appearing on the show contributed to his deterioration.

2. He Became a Prominent AIDS Activist

Gerald Reznick ReportingReporter Gerald Reznick doing a story on Sean Sasser, AIDS activist on KCRG TV, Cedar Rapid, Iowa.2008-07-03T02:50:28.000Z

Zamora’s death prompted Sasser to dedicate his life to AIDS/HIV activism.

3. Sasser Died of Mesothelioma

Sasser’s partner, Michael Kaplan, confirmed his boyfriend’s passing. He said that Sasser died of mesothelioma, a cancer of the lungs. Though rare, it is a relatively common killer amongst AIDS sufferers.

4. Sasser Was a Celebrated Pastry Chef

In addition to being an activist, Sasser maintained a day job as a pastry chef, most recently at a restaurant called RIS in Washington D.C., reports The Washington Blade.

5. Sasser’s Popularity is Reflected on Twitter

His passing as resulted in an outpouring of emotion on Twitter:

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