Shauna Mei, Gen. Clark’s Girlfriend: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Shauna Mei Wesley Clark

Shauna Mei (R) and her rumored boyfriend, recently divorced General Wesley Clark

Just one month after divorcing his wife of 46 years, U.S Army general and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark is rumored to be dating fashion entrepreneur Shauna Mei.

Known for his short stint as presidential candidate in 2004, General Clark has become more open about his burgeoning romance with the much younger Mei. Meanwhile Clark — who brought the petition to divorce his wife Gertude for “general indignities” — is facing claims that he cheated.

Shauna Mei, an influential CEO and marketing expert, is more than just a tabloid love interest. Here is what you need to know about Mei, her life and her involvement in Clark’s high-profile divorce.

1. She is an MIT Engineer

Shauna Mei

Mei went to MIT where she studied computer science/electrical engineering and Management. She concentrated in Artificial Intelligence.

2. She is the Founding Member of ‘

Welcome to AHAlifeFounder/CEO, Shauna Mei, shares the Big AHA that led her to create AHAlife. 1 New Discovery. Every 24 Hours. 100% Inspiring—that's what AHAlife is all about. We showcase and sell a new hand-selected item each day and tell the story behind the making of the product, along with a designer profile and sometimes a video…2010-08-27T14:01:03.000Z

According to the site: “AHAlife features one product per day (across fashion, food, design, beauty), coupled with editorial that explains how the product was made, who made it, and where it came from. AHAlife’s network of curators include Tim Gunn, DVF, Daniel Boulud, Tina Brown, Carmindy, Bobbi Brown, and many other influential tastemakers. The site caters to the savvy consumer who looks for amazing items from around the world that are not easily available online.”

Shauna Mei affair

An image posted up on the website’s Facebook page on September 5, 2012, was published with the caption, message ‘, down in Charlotte, Shauna is hanging out with General Wesley Clark at the DNC’.

General Clark filed for divorce in Arkansas on September 11, 2012.

3. She is 13 Years Younger than Clark’s Son

Wesley Clark Mei

Wesley Clark is 38 years Mei’s senior

The 38-year age difference has not stopped the pair from being seen publicly. According to the Post– their latest trip out to the Hampton confirmed their relationship. Clark also accompanied his new love to a New York fashion show in February and a friend told MailOnline: “Shauna was very secretive about their relationship at that time. “I’m not surprised by her dating older men but a bit surprised by so much older!”

Clark’s son is 13-years older than Shauna.

4. Mei Was Raised in China and Feels Chinese

Mei was born in Mongolia and raised in China before moving to the United States after the Tienanmen Square massacre. Her hometown is Beijing according to her Facebook profile. In an interview with a Chinese interviewer last year, Shauna Mei has stated:

“I came to America when I was 8 and spent my first grade in China. I still remember a great Chinese role model called Lei Feng.”

Lei Fend was a soldier of the People’s Liberation Army who was characterized as a “selfless and modest person who was devoted to the Communist Party” he also become a subject of a nationwide posthumous propaganda campaign.

5. She Was an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Mei explained how she landed a job at Goldman Sachs and how she went from being an engineer, to being in the world of marketing.

When I worked at Goldman, I made investments and gave financial advice to various retail brands – not marketing advice. MIT gave me the building blocks to think critically about complex real life problems. Very quickly, I realized that I was not interested in climbing “the technical ladder.” I decided to take on a job at Goldman Sachs to build fundamental skillsets necessary for building a business as an entrepreneur. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I still surprised myself by quitting my six-figure job a little after a year there. Still, I learned a ton and the combination of my basic understanding of technology/engineering, finance, fundraising, investor mindset and discipline contributed tremendously to where I am today. I feel very lucky to have made these moves throughout my career so far.

6. Mei Lives in Manhattan

Photo featured on her tumblr

Photo featured on her tumblr

The Post alleges that Clark stays with Mei in her Soho apartment whenever he visits her in New York, though neither would release a public comment about their relationship. Clark runs a consulting group where he is an energy consultant from Arkansa.

7. They Were Spotted Together Before Clark’s Divorce Was Finalized

According to the Post, Clark and Mei attended the 2013 Apex Youth Inspiration Awards Gala together ,0one week before Clark’s divorce was scheduled for a final trial.

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8. A Year Ago Shauna Said She Was Single in an Interview

Shauna Mei talks about being single,General Wesley Clark, 68, pictured a YEAR AGO with the fashion entrepreneur half his age he is dating after divorcing wife of 46 years Shauna Mei talks about being single, Chinese and having a million dollar company in America during an interview.2013-08-08T19:06:14.000Z

9. Clark Blames His Wife For the Divorce Not Mei

Gertrude clark

Clark’s wife Gertrude, a devout Catholic, is said to be ‘stunned’ at the turn of events, reports dailymail. During their 46 year marriage, Gertrude moved 32 times to stay by his side. Yet, Clark stated that he believed wife was guilty of behavior which gives common reason for divorce. The petition for divorce claimed that Gertrude was guilty of “general indignities” such as “rudeness, vulgarity, unmerited reproach, haughtiness, contempt, contumeliousness, studied neglect, intentional incivility, injury, manifest disdain, abusive language, malignant ridicule and every other plain manifestation of settled hate, alienation, and estrangement.”

10. Clark and Mei Are Described as Being ‘Very Affectionate’

According to the Post, Clark and Mei were spotted together recently in the Hamptons, and despite the 38-year age difference, they “looked very affectionate, it was clear they were a couple. They were holding hands, they were not trying to hide their relationship.” Society spies say the couple look great together, with one female witness, “He is in tremendous shape.”

Mei has stated in interviews that she likes to listen to opera and classical music during brainstorming sessions because they are “proven to increase your IQ.” She has also stated on personal profiles that spent a month living in Chiang Mai, Thailand working on pre-natal HIV prevention. She said that “life in Thailand taught [her] to value the simplicity of life.”

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