Amber Alert Update: James DiMaggio, Hannah Anderson Could Be in Washington

amber alert update

Unconfirmed sightings of the blue Nissan Versa that is believed to be driven my kidnapping and murder suspect James DiMaggio, have been emerging from a specific northbound West coast highway. KPTV is now reporting that an unsubstantiated sighting of the car has just emerged from Washington.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Russ Winger has reportedly told KOMO Radio that a driver near Bremerton, Washington has reported seeing a blue Nissan with a male driver and female passenger.

This sighting makes sense based on what has emerged about DiMaggio’s trajectory and potential destinations. When 16-year-old Hannah Anderson was first reported missing on Sunday, authorities suggested that DiMaggio could be heading to either Texas or Canada.

Unconfirmed reports also place the blue Nissan heading north. In a statement released by the Oregon State Police, the first suspected sighting was in Alturas, California on August 7, and the following sighting was reported near Lakeview, Oregon later that day.

If DiMaggio and Anderson are near Bremerton, Washington, that means the two have traveled over 1,300 miles since Anderson was reported missing. The Amber Alert for her was expanded from California to Oregon and Washington yesterday.

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