Tanya Singleton, Aaron Hernandez’s Cousin: 5 Facts You Need to Know

aaron hernandez pond gun divers

Police have been searching the lake outside Singleton’s house for the suspected murder weapon.

Tanya Singleton is the latest figure to emerge in the murky Aaron Hernandez scandal via newly released court documents, reports The Hartford Courant. Hernandez is in jail awaiting trial for the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd on June 17. The former New England Patriot has had two appeals for bail turned down as more and more players appear in the sordid story of murder and deceit.

Tanya Singleton, was also once known as Tanya Jennings from a previous marriage, had been most recently married to Thaddeus Singleton III, a potential witness in the case who was killed in a car crash on July 3.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Singleton’s Cellphone and Credit Cards Have Been Seized

aaron hernandez, court, appearance, july 24, 2013

Aaron Hernandez appearing in court July 24, 2013.

Massachusetts State Police took a cell phone and credit cards from Singleton’s home when they searched it. The credit cards are understood to have been used to pay for a Greyhound bus ticket for alleged Hernandez-accomplice, Ernest Wallace, from George to Florida. Wallace was arrested in Florida after a brief manhunt. It isn’t clear how Wallace got from his home in Bristol, Connecticut to Georgia. It’s further noted in the documents that the cellphone seized had been used by Wallace, reports CBS Connecticut.

2. She Was Married to a Deceased Possible Hernandez Witness

Tanya Singleton Aaron Hernandez Trial Odin Lloyd Murder Thaddeus Singleton Bristol Connecticut Murder Weapon.

Thaddeus Singleton III had been mooted as a possible witness for the prosecution in the Aaron Hernandez case, he was killed in a car accident on July 3. Singleton III had been travelling with another woman, who survived the crash.

3. Singleton Lives Close to the Lake Where Divers Have Been Searching

Since Monday, divers from the FBI, Massachusetts State Police and the Navy have been searching a lake close by to where Singleton lives. The Hartford Courant reports that the divers are searching for the murder weapon, a .44 glock pistol, they believe was used to murder Odin Lloyd. The newly released documents state that authorities believe the gun had previously been kept in a box in Aaron Hernandez’s basement. Another gun, a .22, that another alleged accomplice, Carlos Ortiz, had in his possession on the night of Lloyd’s murder, has been recovered by police. It’s understood that Ortiz tipped police off to the possible location of the .44 that killed Odin Lloyd.

4. Hernandez Claims He is Innocent

The photograph above is reported to be a letter sent from a currently imprisoned Aaron Hernandez. Though the authenticity of the letter is not certain, Twitter was abuzz recently discussing its implications.

In the handwritten letter, Hernandez asserts his innocence and says that when he is found not guilty, “all the people who turned on me will feel like crap.” All also curiously puts the word God in quotation marks.

5. Three People are Currently in Jail Awaiting Trial

Hernandez, Ortiz, and Ernest Wallace are the three men who were last seen with Odin Lloyd and are all suspected of having a hand in killing him. The three were arrested in late June and are currently awaiting trial. However, as the number of people implicated in the murder continues to grow more people may be joining those three in prison.