Reports of New ‘Poisonous Gas’ Attack In Qaboun, Syria [VIDEO]

VideoVideo related to reports of new ‘poisonous gas’ attack in qaboun, syria 2013-09-06T16:28:28-04:00

Video and unconfirmed reports are coming in of an alleged gas attack in the Qaboun neighborhood of Damascus, Syria. The claims originated from unnamed rebel sources.

This story is currently developing. Please stay tuned for more…

Initial reports claims multiple casualties, currently at sitting at under ten. The video available for viewing above allegedly shows a victim of the gas attack experiencing effects similar to those that have been reported.

Some have suggested that chlorine gas was used in the attack. At this time, it is currently unknown whether this can be considered a chemical weapon attack, although chlorine is technically a chemical.

Chlorine gas is well-known as the first chemical weapon used by the German army in World War I. According to the Hague Conference in 1928, which banned the “use of projectiles the object of which is the diffusion of asphyxiating or deleterious gases,” which chlorine gas falls into. The CDC described chlorine as a “lung damaging agent.” Additioanlly, a damaging acid is produced when chlorine gas comes in contact with moist tissues, like eyes, throat and lungs.

A senior NPR strategist has suggested that the claims may be false.

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