Preview: Charlie Rose’s Interview with Syrian President Assad Premieres on PBS

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Monday night PBS will air, in its entirety, Charlie Rose’s new interview with Syrian President Bashar Assad. Assad is in the center of the prolonged and bloody conflict as rebels battle the Syrian Army in every corner of the nation. Above you can watch Rose’s last interview with Assad from 2010.

The United States, along with other world nations, have threatened and is moving toward military intervention in Syria after reports surfaced that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons in an attack that left over 1,400 civilians dead.

Rose, speaking on Face the Nation about the interview, said that Assad “denied he had anything to do with the attack” and when asked about Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons “could not confirm or deny,” their existence. You can hear everything Rose said on about the interview above.

Rose said that the interview also contains a conversation about whether or not the Syrian government is expecting an attack from the United States or other nations. The interview premiers the same night that President Obama is scheduled to sit down with six different television stations to talk about the United States’ potential involvement in the Syrian conflict.

The Charlie Rose interview will be excerpted on “CBS This Morning” at 7 a.m. Monday, and the full interview will premiere Monday night on “The Charlie Rose Show” on PBS.