Connecticut Elementary School on Lockdown After Nearby Shooting

Shots are reported to have been fired at a park nearby to an elementary school in Norwalk, Connecticut, reports ABC Connecticut.

It appears that the situation has calmed down and the police have given the all-clear. The lockdown on the school has been lifted.

Here’s what we know so far…

1. Police Placed on the School on Lockdown

Police have arrived at Cranbury Elementary School in Norwalk, Connecticut and placed it on lockdown, the school’s principal confirmed to WNBC. At least four police cruisers were at the school, two marked and two unmarked.

The Norwalk, CT Police Department have released a statement about the situation on Facebook.

Matt Coyne, an on-scene reporter, has said that police have given the all-clear.

2. Cranbury Elementary is Just 30 Miles From Sandy Hook

Cranbury Elementary is located about 30 miles east of Newtown, Connecticut, the scene of America’s most horrific school shooting.

3. Only One Person is Reported to Have Heard Shots

One person reported shots fired at the nearby Cranbury Acres Park. Norwalk police have confirmed that a teacher within the school called it in, but she was the only one to report the shots.

4. The School is Surrounded by a Wooded Area

Police are investigating whether there could have been a hunter in the area. They have yet to find anything.

5. Anxious Parents Have Arrived at the School

There are no injuries reported. After news of the shooting broke, parents began descending on the school.