Mentally Challenged Man Mugged in Florida for Copy of GTA V

Disabled Man Beaten Up Over Grand Theft Auto 5, Delray Beach Florida GTA V Rohan Dawkins.


Some people are just too desperate to get their hands on a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, which was released worldwide on September 17. In Delray Beach, Florida, a mentally challenged man was beaten up for his copy of the game, reports The Sun Sentinel.

Rohan Dawkins, a 21-year-old, went a Game Stop store, paid his money and headed for home to play the game, while walking across the parking lot, he was viciously attacked by a couple who also wanted the game, but just didn’t want to line-up and pay.

The Delray Beach police report says that Dawkins was asked for the time by a man, Tommy Davis, then his partner, Adele Jones, leaped out of the car and began attacking Dawkins. Det. Peter Sosa told reporters that Dawkins bravely tried to fend off his attacker but to know avail.

Davis and Jones are reported to have four children together and are facing charges of strong-armed robbery and dealing in stolen property.

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