Izzy Dix, Ask.fm Bullying Victim: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Izzy Dix Bully victim, Izzy Dix Ask.fm, Izzy Dix Online Bullying, Izzy Dix suicide.


Another tragic suicide has been attributed to the controversial social media site, Ask.fm. Izzy Dix, a beautiful 14-year-old girl was found hanged at home on September 17, reports The Daily Mail. Dix’s friends made a YouTube video blaming Ask.fm and bullies on the question and answer site for her death.

Here’s what you need to know about this tragedy…

1. Her Friends Have Called on People to Close Their Ask.fm Accounts

RIP Izzy | We All Miss You oxoIzzy Dix, 14 years old, took her own life because of cyber bullying through the website Ask.FM. Nobody knew her true feelings because she was always so happy and cheerful. Not even her closest friends or family. Everyone in the bay are devastated by her death. She didnt deserve this, she was predicted A*'s in…2013-09-21T21:10:18.000Z

The question and answer social media site, which allows people to anonymously comment on other’s profiles has around 60 million users worldwide, are the subject of a YouTube protest video (above) by Dix’s friends. Her friends call upon students at their school in Brixham, Devon in southern England to close their accounts in tribute to Dix.

Text in the video reads:

Izzy was only 14 years old when she took her own life because of bullies. She was always smiling, nobody knew her feelings, not even her best friends.

The bullying took place on Ask.fm. Her best friends are trying to have the site shut down.

Nobody deserves to feel the way Izzy did. She has the most caring and amazing family and friends who didn’t deserve to lose such an amazing girl.

Please think before you speak. Nobody’s life should have to end this way. So stop bullying now. Save a life.
Sleep tight Isobella, you are free from pain, stress and tears.

The description of the video reads:

Izzy Dix Bully victim, Izzy Dix Ask.fm, Izzy Dix Online Bullying, Izzy Dix suicide.


2. There Has Been an Outpouring of Emotion on Social Media

Izzy Dix Bully victim, Izzy Dix Ask.fm, Izzy Dix Online Bullying, Izzy Dix suicide.



Her friend Tia Budd added to The Daily Mail:

We knew she was upset but never knew it was this bad. We have deleted our accounts but there are still people taking the hate and it doesn’t need to happen. It’s a horrible website and it should be closed down, it’s gone too far.

We are all much closer now, even people who didn’t know Izzy are devastated. There was not one student or teacher who wasn’t in tears when they found out.

She was such a lovely girl and whenever you saw her she had a smile and had lots of friends.

3. Dix Was Found Dead by Her Mother on September 17

Izzy was found hanged at her home in Brixham, Devon at around 11:30 p.m. on September 17 by her mother. Police and paramedics were called and she was confirmed to be dead. The police in Devon are not treating her death as suspicious. Inspector Adrian Leisk told The Daily Star:

We would ask people not to make judgments on what is being said on social media sites.

A minute’s silence was held for Izzy prior to Saturday’s rugby game between Devon and local rival Torquay, reports This is South Devon.

Izzy Dix Bully victim, Izzy Dix Ask.fm, Izzy Dix Online Bullying, Izzy Dix suicide.

(This is South Devon)

4. One Former Student at Izzy’s School Has Said Bullying is Rife in Brixham

In a comments section of The Daily Star’s article on Izzy, a commenter named “A C” says:

As an ex student at brixham I wouldn’t be surprised if bullying was the cause.

When I was there not long ago it rarely dealt with bullying effectively. I was bullied badly, and even when I got the guts to say something nobody did anything about it. I was told on my 13th birthday I didn’t deserve to live and for the following two years it really followed me. Luckily for me I had a friend with a terrifying older sister who scared the bullies off. Brixham needs to sort out how they deal with bullying, even if that wasn’t what prompted her to suicide.

It’s a shame and a tragedy, I just hope it doesn’t happen again and that her friends and family are being allowed to grieve without being hassled.

5. Ask.fm Has Already Been Criticized by British Prime Minister David Cameron

In the wake of the similar suicide of 14-year-old Hannah Smith, the British PM described Ask.fm as “vile.” Cameron told Sky News:

The people that operate these websites have got to step up to the plate and show some responsibility in the way that they run these websites.

Just because someone does something online, it doesn’t mean they’re above the law. If you incite someone to do harm, if you incite violence, that is breaking the law, whether that is online or offline.

Also there’s something all of us can do as parents and as users of the internet and that is not to use some of these vile sites. Boycott them, don’t go there, don’t join them – we need to do that as well. I’m very keen we look at all the action we can take to try and stop future tragedies like this.