Krokodil, the Drug That Eats Your Flesh: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

KLTV, a local news agency from Phoenix, Arizona, is reporting the arrival of Krokodil on American soil. Krokodil is a popular Russian drug, made of codeine and an assortment of other chemicals, which are injected directly into the vein.

The problem? It’s been known to rot flesh.

Here are five reasons you should NEVER try this terrible, new arrival to the American drug scene, even if you like drugs.

1. It Gets Its Name Because It Destroys Skin

Krokodil, crocodile in Russian, gets its name because of what it does to the skin. The drug makes skin green, scaly and tough like the skin of crocodiles. This change occurs around the site of injection, according to Business Insider.

Watch the report above from an international report on the effects of Krokodil and for more graphic photos of the effects of krokodil, look below:

2. It Rots Flesh From the Inside

The most disconcerting effect of the drug is its ability to rot flesh from the inside of a person’s body. Krokodil, which is also known as desomorphine, is made by mixing codeine with all sorts of chemicals like gasoline, oil, alcohol, or paint thinner.

The combination of these chemicals often causes gangrene, making it necessary to amputate the affected regions. The acidic chemicals can also rot and eat at the flesh from the veins out, as seen in the picture above.

Warn Your Friends!

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3. Two Cases were Reported in Arizona

Krokodil is in the news this week because doctors in Arizona now believe the drug has made it to U.S. soil. According to KLTV, two patients were admitted to Banner’s Poison Control Center showing signs consistent with the published accounts from Russian accounts of the drug’s effects.

Dr. Frank LoVecchio of the center would not comment on the status of the patients, nor did he comment on whether the drug’s popularity may be growing stateside.

4. A Krokodil Addict Has ‘Two Years Maximum’ to Live


A Russian krokodil addict who has been ravaged by the drug.

An article published in 2011 in Russian publication Pravada explores the life expectancy of Russian krokodil addicts.

Heroin, the drug most often compared to krokodil, is considered much more healthy and much less addictive than the flesh-eating intoxicant. Pravada reports that 3 of 100 heroin addicts can be cured of their addiction, but krokodil kills all of its users:

A heroin addict may live up to six or seven years. The life of a desomorphine addict is much shorter- two years maximum. Some may take it for five years, but many people die after taking their first dose of this drug.

5. Russia May Have a Million Krokodil Users

russian drugs

A poster posted in Kaliningrad offers help to the masses of alcoholics and drug addicts in the Russian city. (Getty)

Due to the fact the krokodile is cheap, cheaper than heroin, and some say a batch can be made in about 30 minutes, the popularity of the drug has skyrocketed in Russia since the early 2000s.

A story in Time from 2011 estimated that there were between, “a few hundred thousand and a million people,” addicted to the substance in Russia alone. In 2009, Russian drug control services seized over 65 million doses of the drug.

Russia is estimated to have around 2.5 million drug addicts, most of whom use heroin.

For more graphic photos of the effects of krokodil, look here:




Dear God, I know Russia has doctors! Get these kids help ASAP! Dont let this go too much furthur! This is a horrible way to die. Give them methadone clinics, or free dope for gods sakes! These are your children!


I hope you realise what state the majority of russia is in today. Corruption and poverty are abundant and the healthcare is mostly for those who can afford it. In short, the goverment couldn’t give two shit about its less fortunate populous.


We need worry bout are woman are kids other poor countryies furment there own wast and trip get high least there skin aint Avalancheing usa usa we smarter what why n poor or not no excuse !!go get cheep booze Russians family’s famious for that s… Being almost half I would know f any country in distress right know we going down n hard n racism I tended bored up borders Renavate heal then n only then can the limb of the U.S. branch any further


Amen to you United kingdoms done it for years n crimes stew u name it like off a cliff


At first glance, this
name conjures up images of the river Nile,
That most ferocious
stealth fighter the one and only Crocodile,
Surely as that
present day prehistoric monster signifies death,
A modern day version
sold on the streets stymies your breath.
Unlike Alligators,
Crocodiles have narrower and longer heads,
Another difference is
teeth in the lower jaw fall along the edge,
And even though they appear to be similar to
the untrained eye,
Bottom line is, a
head on collision with either you will surely die.
Crocodile written
about today is being sold on American streets,
It’s out of the river
on dry land where the beast cannot compete,
The Neitzel family,
sisters Amber 26, Angie 29 and mom Kim 48,
Treated for symptoms
associated with Crocodile but is it too late?
Now most of Amber’s,
“rose tattoo” on her calf has rotted her skin,
However, as with any
addiction how, where and why did it begin?
Knowing destructive
consequences before indulging in the 1st hit,
And also aware once
you begin it is damn near impossible to quit.
All 3 are heroin
addicts apparently that high was not high enough,
And if that doesn’t
destroy your life they sought out stronger stuff,
Yet Amber claims she’
had been doing Crocodile 18 months unaware,
When they began this
heroin substitute causing a flesh-eating scare.
By combining codeine tablets, paint thinner,
lighter fluid, gasoline,
Along with other
harmful substances this is a drug addicts dream,
It can make you howl
like a lone wolf, even convulse in ecstasy,
You’ll rob, steal,
sell your body because no high will ever be free.
Destroy your insides
with the devastation of Cirrhosis of the liver,
Cold Turkey, you’ll
sweat, scream, shake, pray for death and shiver,
Gangrene with large abscesses all over the
user’s body after a while,
Neitzel’s are going
public alerting others of the danger of Crocodile.
The drug, also
spelled Krokodil originally appeared in Russia in 2003,
How it made it to the
purchase place, Chicago, is it really a mystery?
Kim being struck
by Crocodile without knowing it underwent surgery,
As the destructive
rapture of her skin, one look is by no means pretty.
never suspected they were shooting a Russian knock-off drug,
So therefore, neither
were they aware of the grave they had almost dug,
Months after surgery
she remains disfigured, aware is Chicago’s DEA,
Agent Jack Riley,
task force is canvassing… to find & put dealers away.


I have done n mixed more pure dope n crocodile no diff , guys s… Dick for crack me th I’veed pure meth tar powders n never would I do that drug LEARNYOURDOPE !!!! Taste smell n do t trust nobody if I ever see it hit my people I will perse face murder one happy sorry bout girl woman vickyoms on these streets more than ever some ass hole dude usually turns um on please to the beautiful beautiful woman of the U.S. don’t follow the me in this world men should lern how to treat you tru love n respect sholdered keep you high enough make him submit to your wombs if need but stay away Iv been locked in Juvie,jail,prison, all drugs pretty much n young men a woman’s lovin should keep you blocked worse than any drug I’m addicted to both god have mercy on my soul lmao tracks needless wife n kids need me n any parent one love bullets to haead of crock dealers!!

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