WATCH: Brave Neighbor Saves Man From Fire in Washington Heights

Warning: Explicit language is used in this video

According to the YouTube video description, the events transpiring in this video consist of a construction worker with a ladder working in a building adjacent to an apartment that is engulfed in flames. Noticing that smoke is pouring from the man’s window, the construction worker uses his ladder to try and rescue the near-dangling man from his window. Unfortunately, since he’s already on the ledge to avoid breathing smoke, there is no room to put the ladder. Finally, in a moment of extreme panic, another individual climbs the construction worker’s ladder across, to the apartment below the dangler, rescuing him from a difficult but inevitable landing below, and effectively saving his life.

Gripping and intense, this man is a real hero. As per CBS news, this happened Monday, September 16th. The man who was saved is currently unnamed, but the neighbors were the building superintendent, Roscindo Lopez, and Guardencio Portillo. All survived the incident with no serious injuries.

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