Woman With Long History of Animal Cruelty Is Eaten by Her Own Dogs

A woman with prior animal-cruelty convictions was found dead in her Fordsville, Kentucky, home on Monday, with local authorities acting on the assumption that she was eaten by her own dogs, reports WFIE 14.

Patricia Ritz had been missing for days when the alarm was raised. Ohio County sheriff’s officers arrived at the woman’s home and discovered a bizarre scene. Some dogs roamed wild around the area, while others were caged up. Most were malnourished, and some dead dogs were also discovered by animal welfare volunteers. There were more than 50 wolfdogs around the house.

The remains that were found were a human skill and jawbone.

NBC News further reported on what seemed like a tragic accident, but they discovered that Ritz has multiple animal cruelty convictions dating back as far as 1986. They report:

Her first known offense came in 1986, when she was sentenced to a year’s probation in an investigation involving at least 50 dogs in Posey County, Ind. She was convicted of five counts the next year in Evansville and was ordered never to transport dogs into Indiana again.

Other convictions came in 1997 in Greenville, Ky., (120 dogs) and in 2002 (38 dogs).

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