Plane Crash in Bolingbrook, Illinois: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Two people have been killed when a light aircraft crashed into a parking lot close to Clow Airport in Bolingbrook, Illinois, the plane burst into flames upon hitting the ground, reports ABC Chicago.

Initial reports from the scene indicated that the plane was taking off and performing a “touch-and-go” procedure.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. The Crash is Believed to Have Happened at Around 5:15 P.M (CDT)

Bolingbrook Police Lt. Mike Rompa told ABC Chicago that the plane “crashed into a tree, light pole and then several vehicles.” The FAA were notified about the crash shortly after the impact.

2. The Pilot Was Reported to Have Been ‘On Fire’

Bolingbrook Plane Crash, Light plane crash Crow Airport, Plane Crash near Chicago.

(ABC Chicago)

Both were killed in the tragic accident, reports CBS Chicago.

A witness, Cherise McGee, told ABC Chicago that the pilot was “on fire.” She added: “People were running with blankets for him. It was horrible.”

Bolingbrook Patch reports:

Police radio dispatch traffic indicated one subject stumbled out of the plane and was transported to Adventist Bolongbrook Hospital. Then, a “1079” code was sent out over the radio dispatch for the Will County Coroner’s office to respond, potentially indicating the second victim is deceased.

There are no reports of any injuries on the ground.

3. The Plane Ripped Through a Busy Bank Parking Lot

The crash is reported to have happened in the parking bank of this Chase Bank at 262 South Weber Road in Bolingbrook.

4. Bolingbrook is About 30 Miles West of Chicago

Bolingbrook Plane Crash, Light plane crash Crow Airport, Plane Crash near Chicago.

(ABC Chicago)

Bolingbrook is described as a “large village” close to Chicago, Illinois with a population of over 70,000.

5. The Nearby Airport Caters Mainly to Light Aircraft

The closest airport to the crash, Clow Airport, the airport caters mainly to private flights, commuters and s is the home of the Illinois Aviation Museum. The airport has just one 3,400 foot runway.

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