Putin: Russia Will HELP Syria in Case of ‘Foreign Military Assault’

Obama Putin G20

RT is now reporting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia will “Help Syria in case of foreign military assault.” He did not mention how Russia would assist the Assad regime, but did remark that Russia and Syria have “strong economic ties,” and that Russia sells weapons to the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.

This announcement comes in the wake of President Obama promoting military intervention after revelations that “over 1,400 people were gassed” in Syria by the Assad regime. President Obama said that he is waiting for a congressional vote to decide if the United States will commit to military intervention in Syria.

Watch President Obama’s G-20 Syrian War press conference from early Friday morning in two parts below:

Putin has said that of the G20 nations, the only leaders to back a U.S. military intervention in Syria are France, Canada, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, all of which are close allies of the United States. President Obama named the same list of supporters but added, Italy, Australia, the Republic of Korea, United Kingdom, and Spain.