Sylvia Frasier, Navy Yard Victim: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Sylvia Frasier, a 53-year-old information assurance manager at Naval Sea Systems Command, was one of the 12 victims of the Navy Yard mass shooting in Washington, D.C., on September 16, 2013. Her family waited hours to hear about her fate until finally they got a call from authorities identifying her.

Here’s what you should know about this beloved woman and her tragic demise.

1. Frasier Worked for Naval Sea Systems Command

(Washington Post)

(Washington Post)

According to her LinkedIn profile, Frasier has been working at Naval Sea Systems Command for four years as an Enterprise Information Assurance Manager. She was responsible for policy guidance and implementation on network security for the NAVSEA HQ systems.

Her jargon-filled profile also shows that she also spent nine years as a NAVSEA HQ Information Assurance Manager within the same organization. Her tasks included similar policy guidance and implementation responsibilities.

2. Frasier Worked A Second Job at Walmart Because She ‘Loved It’



Not only did Frasier work a full-time, well-paid job, but she also worked part-time night shifts at Walmart because she enjoyed interacting with people.

“She did it just for something to do. She didn’t need the money,” said Joe Sieger, an assistant manager at the Waldorf Walmart. “I’d say, ‘What are you doing working here? You don’t need the second job?'” and Frasier would say, “I just enjoy it – I like talking to people, I like being around people.”

According to the Huffington Post, Frasier was known to give coworkers rides home if they needed after work. They regarded her as a very helpful and friendly person.

3. Frasier Was Loved by Everyone She Knew



Frasier was single at the time of her death and did not have any children. But she did have a large family and a lot of people who loved her, all of whom are mourning her death.

“I’m in shock,” said one of Frasier’s coworkers, who said she worked at the store with Frasier for years. “A lot of people are taking it really bad.”

“She was overall just a heck of a good person,” said another co-worker, identified as Robin, who also worked with Frasier over the years. “Oh, she’s a sweetheart.”

Robin told reporters of how Frasier helped her shortly after Robin’s mother’s passing. She emphasized Frasier’s ability to make any situation brighter with just her words.

“She looked at me, goes, ‘You know, for a Southern woman, you don’t cry right,'” Robin said. “I said, ‘What do you mean?’ She said, ‘Southern women cry daily. You all turn red in the face and look like hell.'”

Looking upward, Robin thinks that Frasier is laughing about all this now.

“She’s laughing up there going, ‘Stop it. It’s not becoming when you cry!'” she said. “So, I try to remember those kinds of things. She was a good person.”

4. Frasier’s Family Did Not Hear the News Until Late Monday Night

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Monday afternoon was filled with reports about the Navy Yard shooting. As information flew through Twitter and on the television, families were left wondering about their loved ones. The Frasier family suffered all day and into the night, waiting to hear about their beloved Sylvia, clutching their phones, waiting for any sign that she was okay.

“My heart is beating so fast,” said Wendy Edmonds, the youngest of the Frasier siblings. “Dad knows something’s wrong since all the children are coming over. It’s the middle of the day. We’re supposed to be at work, not here at their home.”

According to the Washington Post, the Frasier family hadn’t hear from Sylvia since Sunday, and she hadn’t returned any of their messages on Monday. They spent the day calling the phone numbers displayed on TV for families looking for loved ones. No one knew where Sylvia was.

And then, in the evening, one of the siblings’ phone rang. It was the FBI telling them that Sylvia was injured an in the hospital, but they did not yet know which one.

Shortly before 10 p.m., the family received the news — Sylvia was dead.

5. Frasier Had Two Degrees

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According to her LinkedIn profile, Frasier received a bachelor of science in computer Information Systems from Strayer University. Additionally, the profile claims she also received a MS diploma in Information Systems, also from Strayer University.