Serial Butt-Slasher Gets 7 Years in Slammer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

butt slasher

Johnny Pimentel, a 42-year-old Peruvian national, was sentenced today in a Fairfax, Virginia, court on charges relating to a 2011 “butt slashing” spree that lasted six months and left nine women injured.

Here is what you need to know about this bizarre crime and the conclusion of this case:

1. He Slashed 9 Women’s Butts

From February to July 2011, Pimentel sneaked up to women in shopping malls and slashed and stabbed at their backsides. While initial reports assumed Pimentel was using some kind of a razor or box cutter, NBC now reports that he used an X-Acto knife as a weapon.

In the six months that he was active, nine women were injured in Tysons Corner Center, Fiar Oaks Mall, and other nearby shopping centers.

2. He Was Caught in Peru

After the ninth stabbing, the attacks stopped. Security camera footage from one of the malls allowed authorities to identify Pimentel but he had returned to his native Peru.

Six months after the last stabbing, Pimentel was arrested near a shopping mall in Lima, Peru, and extradited back to the United States to be tried in Fairfax County.

Above you can see a video Pimentel being led into prison in Lima.

3. He is Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

LA Federal Prison

Pimentel was initially sentenced to 20 years in prison for his crimes, but after a quick deal and an entering of a guilty plea, he will only get a maximum of seven years.

According to the Baltimore News Journal, Pimentel pleaded guilty to two counts of malicious wounding, and two counts of unlawful wounding.

4. No One Understands the Motive

butt slasher

Security Camera footage that lead to the arrest of the “Fairfax Butt-Slasher.”

No one understand what could have motivated Pimentel to slash the backsides of nine women, nor is anyone venturing any guesses.

Local ABC affiliate WJLA say that prosecutors do not understand the attacks, but quote them as saying that the case is, “bizarre and terrible.”

5. None of the Victims Was Seriously Injured

None of the women were seriously injured or sustained more than mild injuries. NBC Washington reports that in court Pimentel said, “I’m very remorseful for all the things that are occurring, and I ask you to pardon me.” Around six members of his family were in court to support him.

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