Westboro Baptist Calls Jane Lynch a ‘Dyke’ After Cory Monteith Tribute


The monsters at Westboro Baptist are at it again. During the 2013 Emmys, where Glee star Jane Lynch read out a touching tribute to her former co-star, Cory Monteith, but the hate-mongers from Topeka were not impressed. In a series of tweets about the show, they refer to Lynch as a “dyke” and claim that Monteith is “in hell.”

After that display of hatred, the holy rollers took aim at openly gays actors, Jim Parsons (who won best comedy actor) and Neil Patrick Harris (who hosted).

The “church,” which has made its name in protesting the funerals of victims of tragedies — somehow relating the deaths to acceptance of homosexuality in society — has proven time and again that no tragedy is safe from the group’s vile opinions.