YouTube Space: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


YouTube has started to spread the word about their new project, YouTube Space. Space is the Internet video giant’s next step in improving video content on their site by making studios and equipment available for popular filmmakers.

Here are five fast facts you need to know about YouTube Space…

1. YouTube Has Studios Around The World

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YouTube already has three spaces that are being used at production sets in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. The LA space, the most impressive one so far, consists of three stages, a green screen studio, a motion capture studio, a screening theater, a rehearsal studio, and outdoor amphitheater, an equipment back lot, a fully equipped audio control room with voice over booths, and ten private editing stations.

For you east coast video makers, YouTube has also announced that it will be opening a location in New York in 2014. According to TubeFilter, the space will be located in Manhattan’s Chelsea Market.

2. YouTube Provides the Space for Free

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Surprisingly, Google has decided to make their spaces available free of charge, according to CBS News. This multiplies possibilities for YouTube creators exponentially.

“It would cost us most of our budget,” said Tom Grey, YouTube creator.

“It would be prohibitively expensive for us to do something like this on another sound stage around town without the support of YouTube having this set up,” said Ben Gigli, who is working with Grey on a show about superheroes.

Not only is the space free, but YouTube also provides all of the lighting, video, audio and editing equipment for no charge.

“This is really about investing in them as opposed to ourselves,” said Kathleen Grace, head of creative development at YouTube Space.

3. It’s Hard to Get Access to the Space

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Now you’re thinking, “Well heck, I make some pretty okay videos and put them up on YouTube. Am I allowed to use YouTube Space?”

That depends. In a recent interview with USA Today, Kathleen Grace, head of creative development at YouTube Space, explained what kind of filmmakers they are looking for:

We’re looking for people who are committed to the community and the platform. They need be consistently uploading, to show they’re really interested in building a channel on YouTube, and want to collaborate with other creators.

If you sort of fit those criteria, or are just interested in getting introduced to the community, you can sign up to attend YouTube Space weekly workshops, which can be viewed at Don’t forget to RSVP or they won’t let you in and then you will feel awkward.

4. The Spaces Are So Big Production Teams Also Host and Film Music Events

The space at YouTube Space is a pretty huge. With multiple stages, studios and sets, the potential for content production is nearly limitless. YouTube has also begun to take advantage of that fact by hosting exclusive concerts with film crews capturing every moment.

Interscope Records hosted an event for Robin Thicke in front of a select crowd, where they filmed a live set and had him answer some questions. Check that out above.

5. Learn. Share. Create.

YouTube Space is really about learning to improve your skills and develop better production qualities.

According to Marc Joynes, the studio manager at YouTube Space London, his job is all about helping the video creators make the best possible content for their viewers:

Essentially what we do here is we help our YouTube creators to take their talents to the next level. We have three mottos — learn, share and create. What that mean is that we’ll teach them industry expertise around how to be better with the cameras, lighting, any production aspect they’re interested in.

Check out the interview above for a very interesting perspective on YouTube Space’s purpose and goals.

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