91 Elderly Veterans Bust Through Barrier & Storm Shut-Down D.C. WWII Memorial

They stormed the beaches in 1944 and now they’re storming the World War 2 memorial.

As the U.S. government shutdown enters its first day, a group of 91 World War 2 veterans visiting the memorial in Washington, D.C., have broken up barricades to enter the site despite the National Park Service closing the public parks.

“I’m not going to enforce the ‘no stopping or standing’ sign for a group of 90 World War II veterans,” said a U.S. Park Police officer, who declined to give his name. “I’m a veteran myself.”

"What do I do, boss?" #WWIIMemorial on Twitpic

With the assistance for Rep. Steven King, the veterans were able to enter the memorial after reportedly knocking over barriers put in place around the site.

King blames the White House for the government shutdown.

But people on Twitter were quick to point out that just last night, King was one of the many people to blame for voting for the government shutdown.

Leo Shane of Stars and Stripes is reporting from the scene, saying that the memorial is filling up with veterans and politicians alike.

As veterans continue to fill the memorial, more and more supporters are showing up to the scene to applaud them.

Reports from the scene are saying that the gates to the park are now open to the public.