WATCH: BIGFOOT IS REAL — New DNA & Video Evidence Shows Sasquatch [DOCS]


Bigfoot is real — and we have the evidence to prove it!

At least, that’s what one Texas-based research group is claiming.

According to The Sasquatch Genome Project’s website, they are:

…a collaboration by an interdisciplinary team of scientists from independent, public, and academic laboratories, aided by volunteer researchers and supporters, who seek to understand the nature of the indigenous, aboriginal people in North America commonly known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, primarily through the study of their DNA.

And they have just released some startling revelations regarding the age-old question about one of America’s most famous icons.

The Sasquatch Genome Project (SGP) have released the above footage of a Bigfoot allegedly sleeping in the woods of Kentucky. Of course, as with any Sasquatch-related video, the proof isn’t definitive. Although the curled up fur-ball’s hair looks very similar to a chimpanzee’s.

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Along with this video evidence, the SGP has also released blood and hair samples they had independently analyzed that they claim are unlike any known creature.

sasquatch, bigfoot, tissue, sample

(Sasquatch Genome Project)

To help support these claims, these blind tests were conducted at 11 different laboratories and universities around the country.

Also according to the group’s report, they have found fresh blood drops and even lodgings allegedly built by the beasts.

sasquatch, house, bigfoot

(Sasquatch Genome Project)

The report expands:

“(A)pproximately one hundred and thirteen separate samples of hair, blood, mucus, toenail, bark scrapings, saliva and skin with hair and subcutaneous tissue attached were submitted by dozens of individuals and groups from thirty four separate hominin collection sites around North America.

After receiving confirmation from labs that they may have discovered a new species, the group had the DNA sequenced to find that the DNA contained parts currently unknown to any species.

Most interestingly, the report also claims that Sasquatch is a relatively new species arising from a female Homo sapien (human) and an unknown male primate about 15,000 years ago. In more scinetific terms:

Sasquatch is a recently developed species. Haplotype analysis within the mitochondrial (maternal) DNA indicates that the species is only about 15,000 years old. Only a very small percentage of human remains in their nuclear (paternal) DNA, which is primarily of the unknown hominin.

Suggestions for the provider of the unknown male DNA include a human relative that reportedly went extinct over 400,000 years ago called Homo heidelbergensis, but more research is needed.

Homo heidelbergensis

Homo heidelbergensis

As with any new finding, they have met opposition and detractors.

But in defense of the SGP, founding member Melba Ketchum said the opposition was missing the point:

“The whole point of this is that these are a type of people and they have culture and there’s plenty of evidence of this effect … they should have rights like we have… They’re not going to collect welfare and they’re not going to be a social burden but they don’t need to be hunted or even harassed.”

Intrigued? Read the SGP’s full report below.

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