Charles Brownlow Jr. Arrested for Murder of 5 People Overnight in Dallas

Police in Terrell, Texas, have arrested Charles Edward Brownlow Jr., 36, for allegedly murdering five people in the area during a heinous overnight murder spree, reports The Dallas News.

A female victim was the first to be found in a home at around 5 p.m. local time; she had been shot in the head. Another deceased female victim was found in a burning home close by, and this turned out to be Brownlow’s home. Authorities have said that the fire in the home had been “very clearly” started on purpose. Police believed that Brownlow was traveling in a stolen 2002 white Ford Focus. The car was located after cops received the call of another shooting in another part of town; nobody was hurt in that incident. Less than a mile away, cops received yet another shots-fired call. After responding to that call police found a man and a woman dead of gunshot wounds.

Charles Edward Brownlow Charles Brownlow Terrell Murder Spree Dallas Arson


Just 15 minutes later, a store clerk was shot dead during a robbery with witnesses reporting that a white Ford Focus was used as the getaway car. Soon after cops finally caught up with the suspect. He jumped out of his Ford Focus after driving down a dead end, and during the foot chase he dropped a handgun holster. Eventually he was found hiding in a creek not far from the home he’s alleged to have set on fire. The suspect was then taken into custody at around 1:30 a.m. local time.

Here’s what you should know about this alleged mass murderer and arsonist.

1. He’s a ‘Career Criminal’

Charles Edward Brownlow Charles Brownlow Terrell Murder Spree Dallas Arson


Brownlow has long criminal history dating back to 1996. He’s been charged with crimes relating to burglary, unlawful possession of a firearm and weed, as well as family violence charges. He was recently in prison in 2011 when he completed a three-year-sentence.

2. He’s Related to at Least 2 of the Victims

Reports indicate that his mother was the victim found in the burned-down house. He’s related to at least one other of the victims, his aunt, who is understood to have been the first victim. The shooting that occurred where nobody was hurt is understood to have taken place at the home of Brownlow’s ex-girlfriend, reports WFAA.

3. Amongst His Victims, Police Found a 3-Year-Old Child Who Had Been Unharmed

Inside the home on the 800 block of Eulalia Drive (above) where Brownlow killed a man and woman, who he is also believed to have known, police found an unharmed 3-year-old child.

4. One of His Victims Had Just Become a Father

Charles Edward Brownlow Charles Brownlow Terrell Ali's Market Luis Leal Murder Spree Dallas Arson


The victim in the convenience store robbery, Luis Leal, was just 22 and had recently become a father as well as becoming engaged, reports Fox Dallas-Fort Worth.

5. This is the Second Murder Rampage in Kaufman County in 2013

This murder rampage occurred in the same county, Kaufman County, where DA Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were murdered in April 2013.

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