WATCH: CBS Weatherman Scot Haney Eats Cat Vomit on Live TV

News Anchor Eats Cat Vomit On-Air!! FAIL!!This has to be one of the grossest things we've ever seen a TV news anchor do. On Wednesday morning, Scot Haney, weatherman for Hartford's CBS affiliate WFSB, scooped up a handful of food-like crumbs from the studio floor and immediately ate it on-the-air. What possessed him to do that in the first place? Well, he thought they were leftover Grape Nuts. After several seconds of munching, he realizes the food smells like "dog poop" and doesn't taste so good. Cut to a later on-air report, where Haney half-giddily/half-horrifiedly told the viewers that he actually ate his own cat's vomit off the bottom of his shoe. He also tweeted it out for the world to know2013-10-09T20:33:07.000Z

Scot Haney, a member of the WFSB news team in Connecticut, decided to eat what he thought was grape nuts off his shoes. He was wrong.

Scot Haney ate cat vomit on live television.

According to Scot Haney’s biography written on the WFSB website he keeps Connecticut updated with the most accurate weather forecasts, he has an enjoyable personality, and went to St. John’s University.

Right here and now, however, the main fact is this: Scot Haney ate cat vomit on live television.

Scot has volunteered at various events. He helped raised money for a cure (that’s as specific as he gets in his biography). In 2007, he was honored with an Advocate’s Award by My Sister’s Place, an organization dedicated to ending domestic violence. He also received American Red Cross Service Award in 2003.

One thing he will not win an award for is eating cat vomit on live television, but he has also done that.

Scot says regarding his job:

There are too many great things about this job to just pick one, but if I had to pick, it’s having a positive influence on the viewers.

He ends his biography saying that he spends his free time with his partner, Paul, and his cats — Sarah, Dash and Jake.

Hopefully, Scot Haney will add an addendum mentioning that sometimes, at work, he eats his cat’s vomit.’s Popular Social Posts
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