FAA: You Can Now Use iPads During Takeoff & Landing

FAA announcement

The FAA administrator said at a live press conference today that airlines can now expand the use of electronic devices at all stages of the flight.

It is now safe to download e-books and play tablet games on flights during takeoff and landing because the FAA committee has found that the equipment on modern aircraft will not be affected by the radio waves emitted by these devices. However, some older planes may still maintain the old rules.

FAA press conference

Screenshot of the FAA press conference which occurred at 10 a.m.

Passengers will still be unable to talk on cell phones during flight, but Bluetooth accessories and Wifi during flight.

These changes will not going into immediate affect, the FAA representative said, but will be implemented as soon as possible. The FAA administrator did make a special point to note that passengers will still be required to take off headphones during the routine safety announcement at the beginning of each flight.

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