Controversial Georgia Tech Frat Bro Email Signs Off, ‘Luring the Rape Bait’

An unknown Georgia Tech fraternity (Phi Kappa Tau) member has circulated a controversial “rapey” email to members of the fraternity. The email was brought to attention by students two weeks ago, but it began to circulate widely after website, Total Frat Move, reported on the incident.

While the email does explicitly say “NO RAPE!!!” it goes on to advocate extremely aggressive and disturbingly mechanical means to “mack and succeed at parties.” Check out the full text below:


The brothers of Phi Kappa Tau have gone into hiding since the incident and the email’s alleged author has deleted his Facebook page.

Perfectly illustrating the problem’s significance on a bigger scale, one TFM reader (ahem, frat boy) defended the email saying “As Creepy/Rapey as this was; this should have never gotten out. House business is house business.”

While Greek life on the male end will hopefully clean up its act, we’re still waiting for more emails from everyone’s favorite pissed off sorority sister.

This YouTube video features a Georgia Tech student explaining the situation further:

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