Hollywood Stuntz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The Hollywood Stuntz have been named by the NYPD as the gang involved in the horrific incident that occurred in Manhattan on September 29. Members of the gang stand accused of intimidating and assaulting a member of the public, reports The Daily News.

After an initial confrontation, panicked Range Rover driver Alexian Lien ran over a member of the gang, Jeremiah Mieses. Later, the Stuntz caught up with Lien in Washington Heights, where they dragged Lien from the car and assaulted him.

Here’s what you need to know about The Hollywood Stuntz…

1. More Videos Have Surfaced Online of the Group’s Actions on September 29

Live Leak who were the first to leak the helmet cam of the heinous attack have since leaked more videos of the gang on September 29. A total of 200 people complained to the NYPD about the bikers’ activities on Sunday, according to NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

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Not to mention another attack perpetrated by member of the group on a Toyota Prius in 2011:

2. The Riders Were in New York For an Annual Ride

The gang’s activities on Sunday centered around their annual New York ride, which takes them from Brooklyn to Times Square. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told CBS New York:

This is a major stunt event where motorcyclists from various locations come together. Quite frankly it wasn’t on anybody’s radar screen last year. We were aware of it this year.

3. Cops Busted a Bunch of Them

The NYPD were alert to the Hollywood Stunz’s plans to ride to Times Square. The NYPD are reported to have confiscated 55 motorcycles from the gang in addition to 15 arrests that were made. But the police are still seeking more members of the group in relation to Sunday’s attack.

4. The Group’s Detractors Have Taken to Facebook

A Facebook group has been set up in protest of the group’s actions. The group describes itself as:

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5. One Member of the Group Has Been Left in a Coma After Sunday’s Incident

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One of the gang’s members lies in a medically induced coma after being hit by the Range Rover during the group’s alleged attempts to intimidate a family. The member, Jeremiah Mieses, also known as Jay Meeze, an aspiring rapper, is reported to have broken bones and damaged organs. His family is outraged at the notion that the driver of the car, Alexian Lien, may not be charged for his actions.

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