Kimberly Webster, Presidents Cup Streaker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

kimberly webster presidents cup streaker


The infamous, beautiful and silly streaker who ran nearly naked across the 18th hole this weekend at the Presidents Cup in Ohio has been identified. She is Kimberly Webster, and she’s proud she added some entertainment value to a notoriously sedate sport.

Here’s what you should know about this immodest troublemaker.

1. She Just Wanted to Have Fun

Golf is boring, right? Especially during a rain delay, which is when she made her move.

She tells the golf site Weiunderpar:

I thought, imagine if someone streaked through this, it’d be hilarious, so we joked about it. I wanted to add a little excitement to golf because everyone seemed kind of depressed and like they weren’t having fun because of the weather. I hadn’t been to a lot of sporting events…I just thought it would be interesting to try something like this.

Here’s her interview with NBC:

2. She’s Making a Name for Female Streakers in a Male-Streaker World

kimberly webster streaker


Webster continued:

The top streakers of all time were all men, so I decided I wanted to change that…It was golf — it’s quiet and boring — and it was to make the top streakers of all time [as a woman].

3. She Just Launched a Twitter

Webster, who previously had little to no online presence, has been flooded with media requests. She just launched a Twitter under the handle @PresCupStreaker and already has more than 1,000 followers.

She’s quickly becoming a media darling.

4. She Lives With Her Grandmother

Webster, 23, is from Massachusetts but lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her 82-year-old grandmother, whom she cares for.

5. She Consulted a Cop Before Getting Naked

Before attempting her streaking stunt, Webster asked a cop friend if she’d be slapped with serious sex charges. He told her she might be cited for disorderly conduct and would probably escape without major repercussions.

She ended up receiving a $100 fine and was never handcuffed, fingerprinted or photographed (at least not for a mugshot). No harm, no foul.

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