Millington Navy Base Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Reports are emerging that there was an active shooting situation near a navy base in Millington, Tennessee, just north of Memphis. The U.S. Navy has confirmed that this is no longer an active shooting situation. Details from the latest press conference reveal that the shooter had already been tackled and “taken down” by the time the police arrived.

Here is what you need to know about this developing situation:

1. Local News Reports that at Least Two Have Been Shot

WMCTV out of Millington is reporting that at least two people have been shot on the base.

Both confirmed victims are reported to be in non-critical condition.

Reports say that the shooting victims were shot in either the feet or legs. Both sustained a single gunshot and were taken to a local medical center.

2. Police Were Called to a Recruiting Center

According to WREG:

Emergency crews are responding to 5650 Attu which is listed as the Army National Guard recruiting center.

Above is a Google street view of the address.

3. The Shooter is a National Guardsman and is in Custody

tennessee press conference

The shooter, who is now in police custody, is having medical issues in jail and is refusing to be transported to a hospital.

The National Guard has confirmed that 3 National Guardsmen were involved in an argument that ended in shots being fired.

Reports from the area also indicate that the shooter had just been fired from his job and returned to the scene armed.

A press conference which occurred around 2:50 p.m. confirmed that the two victims and the shooter were all members of the National Guard.

The shooter was reportedly using a small handgun.

4. Shelter in Place Order Has Been Lifted at the Base

Although the shelter in place has been lifted, the U.S. Navy confirms that the base, which was on lock down as a precaution, has been lifted.

5. The Base Houses around 7,500 People

millington navy base


The Naval Base in Millington is known officially as the Naval Support Activity Mid-South. It houses 7,500 personnel, the main purpose of the base is provide logistical support for other Navy bases in the area

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