Legendary NFL Coach Bum Phillips Dies: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

bum phillips dead

Oail “Bum” Phillips, the legendary NFL coach, died at his Texas ranch on Friday. He turned 90 just three weeks ago and, according to ESPN said on his birthday, “90 is better than 89.”

Bum was known for his oversized white Stetson cowboy hat, his boots, and funny sayings. His death was confirmed last night by a tweet from his son.

Here is what you need to know:

1. He Was a Head Coach from 1973-1985.

HOUSTON OILERS tribute to Bum Phillipslegendary coach O. A. Bum Phillips2012-08-25T10:49:45.000Z

Phillips served as an NFL head coach for 11 seasons, 6 with the Houston Oilers and 5 with the New Orleans Saints. His notable feat was rebuilding the Oilers, known for being one of the most unsuccessful team in the league. He reversed there wins to loses ratio and brought them multiple times to the brink of the Super Bowl.

Above you can watch the Oiler’s tribute to their beloved coach.

2. He’s Known for His Funny Sayings

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Once asked why he always brought his wife on away games, Phillips replied, “Because she’s too ugly to kiss goodbye.”

Phillips was know for his hilarious or thoughtful little sayings like, “There’s two kinds of coaches, them that’s fired and them that’s gonna be fired.”

You can see a slideshow of some of his most memorable quotes above.

3. He’s One of the NFL’s Most Inspirational Coaches

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In 2012, the NFL ranked the top 10 most inspirational coaches off all time. Number 1 on that list is Vince Lombardi.

4. He Served in WWII

Phillips was born in Orange, Texas on September 29, 1923. After high school, and a brief stint playing college football, Phillips served in the Marines during WWII. AFter the war he returned to playing college football.

From there, according to the New York Times, Phillips began coaching football, first high school, then college, then assisting NFL coaches.

5. His Son is a Defensive Coordinator

Bum’s son Wade is a defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans and formerly the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, the Denver Broncos, and the Buffalo Bills. Bum is also survived by his wife, five daughters, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.