Obama: More Than a Million People Visited Healthcare.gov Before 7 a.m.

In President Obama’s address this afternoon, he took the opportunity to discuss the benefits and initial popularity of the “Obamacare” initiative, which begins today.

The president explained that the Healthcare.gov website, the online location for applying for the affordable care act, received over 1 million hits before the application form opened at 7 a.m. this morning. According to him, this is more than the Medicare website has ever had on it at one time.

The President acknowledged the website is having some growing pains, but assured the public that those glitches with be dealt with shortly. For many users, the overwhelming popularity of the act has caused the site in their specific state not to work.

The U.S. Commander-in-Chief also took the opportunity this afternoon to blame a small faction within the Republican party for causing this shutdown because they refuse to pay their bills.

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